Typhoon 130H Cleanroon Vacuum Cleaner

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The Typhoon 130H is a versatile high filtration and cleanroom vacuum cleaner for dust sensitive areas and vacuuming of fine and certain hazardous dusts. It is highly suitable for most electronics and pharmaceutical plants, hospitals and laboratories, and also other sterile environments. It is compact and mobile with a sturdy stainless steel tank. Offering good performance and economy of use, it is suitable even for general cleaning in organisations and buildings which require a more health oriented and contaminant free working environment.


Key features:

  • 4stage filtration with Dual HEPA filters in sequential arrangement greatly increases filtration efficiency
  • Filters out fine dusts in incoming air with two HEPA filters
  • Filters out motor carbon exhaust dust for even cleaner emissions
  • Compact and mobile
  • Easy to operate and open for emptying
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Suitable for fine dusts as well as general application


The Typhoon 130H incorporates up to 4filter stages for enhanced filtration performance and safety.  Particularly, 2 high efficiency HEPA filters are used- both before and after the suction motor exhaust- to thoroughly filter the fine dusts and to ensure even carbon dusts from the motor are retained as well to drastically reduces emissions. The exhaust HEPA filter is totally protected and provides a back-up system to avoid leakages in the HEPA stage.

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Typhoon 130H Cleanroon Vacuum Cleaner

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